Photocurrent Imaging Microscopy

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  • Micro-area photocurrent imaging microscopy
    TuoTuo Technology photocurrent spectrum test system is suitable for micron-scale point-line-surface scanning test of photocurrent, spectrum and fluorescence lifetime.
  • Laser Combo Module
    Free combination of required wavelength lasers; programmable 0-100mW power adjustment; programmable TTL frequency modulation; including, but not limited to 405nm, 473nm, 532nm, 671nm, 808nm, 1064nm, 1342nm, 1550nm.
  • Mid-infrared Laser
    3 µm – 12 µm quantum cascade laser; Programmable 0-50mW power adjustment; Programmable frequency modulation; Equipped with guiding light.
  • Silicon-based adjustable gain photodetector
    Si detector (320~1100 nm); InGaAs detector (0.8-1.7 um); HgCdTe detector (2.0-10.6 um);
  • LED light source
    The light source system uses LED wicks (RGBW) with four wavelength combinations, which are red (central wavelength 625 nm), green (central wavelength 525 nm), blue (central wavelength 453 nm), white