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Laser Combo Module

Product: Laser Combo Module

Model:TTT-00-Laser Combo

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In the Spectrum/Photocurrent test, there is a strong dependence between the materialproperties and the laser wavelength, so the laser wavelength needs to be switched frequently. From ultraviolet, visible to near-infrared wavelengths, we have introduced Laser Combo Module
that integrates a variety of laser wavelengths.

Laser Combo Module provides you with a laser replacement and power change solution. The module consists of a device body (containing four sets of lasers with different wavelengths) and a central controller.

The specific working principle of the module is shown in the figure on the left: the laser power supply is continuously supplied, and the user can control any laser turn on/off, as well as the power and modulation frequency of the laser through the central controller*. Compared with the traditional single laser module, the Laser Combo Module can freely change the laser, its power and modulation frequency, and the laser can be changed online remotely, and the working efficiency is improved. At the same time, for different types of lasers with the same wavelength or lasers with different wavelengths, we provide exclusive power calibration optimization, with excellent stability and easy operation.

In addition, according to the different requirements of laser wavelength, the module can freely combine the required lasers, and achieve a common channel system of four laser sets by adjusting the reflector and
dichroscope. At present, we provide a variety of wavelength laser for users to choose, including, but not limited to 405 nm, 473 nm, 532 nm, 671 nm, 808 nm, 1064 nm, 1342 nm, 1550 nm. If you need other wavelengths, please contact us.

TTT-00-Laser Combo series of Laser Combo Module can work as a stand-alone system or as an integrated component of the system, such as Photocurrent System and Spectrum System. In addition, we provide a complete Labview control program to facilitate the use of users.

We recommend the use of TTT-00-Laser Combo in Photocurrent System and Spectrum System.

>>Key Specifications (TTT-00-Laser Combo)

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  • 9.光学平台 *
  • 10.低温模块 *
  • 11.磁场模块 *
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