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Micro-area photocurrent imaging microscopy

Product: Micro-area photocurrent imaging microscopy


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In conventional electronics, only the charge degree of freedom of an electron is utilized to carry information. The spin degree of freedom of an electron was ignored in mainstream electronics until recently. In the field of spintronics, both charge and spin degrees of freedom of electrons carry the information. The manipulation of spin degrees of freedom with an electrical current is the core of spintronics. Various spin textures induced by an electrical current are of great importance to switch the magnetization. Thus, visualizing current induced spin textures in various materials is key to understanding spin-orbital phenomena and thus to achieving effective magnetization switching.

The micron resolved photocurrent mapping system is an important tool which is able to direct visualize the current induced spin accumulation due to the spin Hall effect. Furthermore, by analysing the scanning photovoltage images, users can extract the spin Hall angle and the spin life time in different materials, e.g., heavy metals, antiferromagnetic materials, topological insulators and Weyl semimetals.

In the product, we utilize a commercial microscope. A focused laser is normally incident on the device and a photodetector is used to measure the reflectivity of the device. The photocurrent image is achieved by scanning
the device with a scanning stage.

TuoTuo Technology focuses on developing a scanning photovoltage with utmost performance and stability.

>>Key Specifications

1、Photocurrent mapping data from Bi2Se3films (Nat. Comm.9, 2492 (2018))


2、Photocurrent mapping data from WTe2films (Nano Lett. 19, 2647 (2019))


>>Key Features

  1. Photocurrent mapping

  2. Wide excitation wavelength

  3. Simple Operation


  1. Imaging the spin accumulation

  2. Characterizing the spin life time

  3. Characterizing the photocurrent

>>Upgrade options

  1.  Multiple colinear laser beam

  2.  Fluorescence Option

  3.  Magnetic field integration

>>Advanced Options

  1.  Cryostat (5k -500k)

  2.  Time resolved photocurrent

>>Installation requirement


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