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Mid-infrared Laser

Product: Mid-infrared Laser


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The mid-infrared laser generally refers to the coherent laser with wavelength from 3 µm to 12 µm, and the more detailed division of the spectrum is divided into mid-wave infrared (MWIR, 3 µm - 6 µm) and long-wave infrared (LWIR, 6 µm - 12 µm). As for the application of mid-infrared laser, it is widely used in imaging, including PCB board inspection, semiconductor material detection, product quality control, item identification, anti-piracy and infringement scenes. In addition, the mid-infrared laser is also suitable for the detection of molecular
content and molecular type identification and even imaging, so it has a wide range of applications in the fields of military, environmental monitoring, medical treatment and basic research.

With the gradual maturity and stability of quantum cascade laser technology, high quality, maintenance-free and cost-effective mid-infrared laser becomes possible. TuoTuo Technology has launched a standardized mid-infrared laser module, which supports one-button operation and has the advantages of stable performance, high power, easy to use and small size. The product is a single wavelength laser module, can be optional wavelength of 3 µm - 12 µm in any band. The default laser power is 50 mW, if you need a higher power (up to 1000 mW), please contact us to customize. Laser collimation output, beam divergence Angle less than 6 mrad.

As shown in the right figure, the mid-infrared laser is composed of a laser head and a control box, in which the laser head module is built with a visible laser collimation of mid-infrared laser, greatly simplifying the optical adjustment process of mid-infrared laser. The controller contains a laser drive and temperature controller, which can be adapted to a computer program through a USB control terminal.

>>Key Specifications (TTT-00-MIR Laser)


>>Instrument 3D drawing (Laser Head)


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