Low-temperature series

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  • Mini Cryostat
    Compact thermostat, suitable for photoelectric measurement system with narrow space and liquid nitrogen temperature. Supports temperatures 77-420 K.
  • Microscope Cryostat
    Compact thermostat for reflection, transmission, micro-optical measurements. The effective angle of the optical window is 90°, and it supports a constant temperature of 4.2-500 K.
  • Cryogenic Probe Station
    Multi-purpose cryogenic probe station, 4 sets of independent XYZ probe stations, 12 pluggable electrical interfaces, support temperature 4.2-500 K.
  • Closed-Cycle Cooling System
    Helium refrigeration, low vibration, and extremely long maintenance time at low temperature, no need to heat up when changing samples. Strong mobility, compatible with various thermostat systems. The temperature is as low as 10 K.