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Microscope Cryostat

Product: Microscope Cryostat


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In the field of optical and optoelectronic measurements, cryostats play an important role in high vacuum measurements when varying parameters like temperature, electric field and magnetic field. In many complex optical setups such measurements are not possible in vacuum condition due to the structural constraint of the system which makes small volume and thickness the key requirement to adapt into these complex systems.

TTT-MicroStat-01 is designed for various measurements in high vacuum environment in optical systems
including optical microscopes. TTT-MicroStat-01 allows sample temperature to reach as low as 5 K while having a small footprint. The compact cryostat design makes for easy integration with existing optical system. Compatible
with reflected/transmitted light microscopes, the dual optical window design allows the use of long working
distance objectives on both sides for both illumination and detection.

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