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Magnetic Hysteresis Loop Analyzer Based on Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect

Product: Magnetic Hysteresis Loop Analyzer Based on Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect

Model:TTT-Mag-PMA Checker

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The magnetic thin films are extensively used in not only the current hard disk but also the future magnetic memory unit. Thus, the analysis of magnetic hysteresis loops is the key to evaluating the properties of the magnetic thin films. Compared with traditional magnetic characterization methods such as electrical Hall measurements and vibrating sample magnetometer, magnetic characterization based on magneto-optic Kerr effect (MOKE) is contactless and exhibits a faster measurement speed and a higher resolution. Furthermore, the required sample structure is free of device fabrication and cutting. 

By analyzing the magnetic hysteresis loop, users can not only get the coercivity and relative magnetic information, but also can better understand the anisotropy of magnetic thin films. Moreover, for a magnetic heterostructure in which the coercivity varies in different layers, MOKE can analyze the hysteresis loop layer by layer.

TuoTuo Technology focuses on developing a MOKE based magnetic hysteresis analyzer with utmost performance and stability. It is able to satisfy the requirement of the thin film characterization in both university laboratories and relevant industrial sectors<A>. Depending on the different photo-response from different magnetic anisotropic materials, we offer two testing systems: PMA Checker and IMA Looper. These two systems share one data acquisition system and are convenient to switch between each other. A complete equipment includes a control box, a main body of MOKE and a laptop, as shown above. Without involving external instruments, e.g., power supplies and lock-in amplifiers, users can obtain a full magnetic hysteresis loop in a short time efficiently. Meanwhile, users can choose to collect the data by normal lock-in amplifiers (SR 830/810 or Zurich MFLI) via an exclusively reserved port. 

The product provides a LabVIEW program, which is easier for operation. Meanwhile, the software based on C language or Python can be provided if required.

>>Specification(TTT-Mag-MicroMOKE-PMA checker)


>>Sample data from TTT-02-Kerr Microscope


>>Application Examples

2.Magnetic Nanotechnology
3.Nonvolatile Magnetic Random Access Memory(MRAM)
4.Magnetoresistance Research
5.Magnetic Thin Film
6.Magnetic sensor

>>Production positioning and recommendation
The system targets on providing a stable, convenient hysteresis loop analyzer with high performance-to-price ratio, which is the simplest and the most stable one. If additional functions such as magnetic domain imaging, micro-area testing, temperature control integration, integration with electrical measurements, and integration with sample scanning imaging are required, we suggest our clients consider TTT-Mag-Kerr Microscope series.
Since the laser spot size is around 1 mm, TTT-Mag-PMA Checker is not able to characterize micro/nano-sized devices.


1.The system is a precision equipment. Please handle it with care.

2. The system performance might be affected under severe environment.

3.The warranty is void if users dismantle the system without permission.

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