Integrated Kerr Microscope with probe station

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Integrated Kerr Microscope Testing Platform

Product: Integrated Kerr Microscope Testing Platform

Model:TTT-02-Kerr Microscope

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Spintronics has been widely interested for its applications in many areas. From magnetic sensors to nonvolatile magnetic storage and investigating materials properties, spintronics is not only playing an important role of the hot spot in the scientific research, but also attracts significant attention in the industy. The ability to directly detect and record the state of the magnetic domain in material research is important for magnetism related studies. This is because observation of the domain wall motion provides an intuitive picture of magnetic switching which elucidates the underlying physics.

Compared to traditional static magnetic hysteresis loop analyzer, the integreated Kerr microscope test platform has the ability to image the real time magnetic information with resolution down to sub-microns. The DC probes and high frequency probes in the system allows versatile driven methods for magnetic switching. Up to present, spintronics research has progressed from magnetic field driven switching to the DC current, pulse current, microwave pulse and optical pulse driven magnetization switching.

>>Key parameters (TTT-Kerr Microscope)


>>The typical results of TTT-Kerr System

>>Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy films (Ferromagnetic/ferrimagnetic thin film)


>>In-plane magnetic anisotropy films


>>Current induced magnetic switching

>>Kerr imaging of two-dimensional ferromagnetic films CrTe2 at low temperature


>>Gradient spin current accumulation


>>Field-Free switching due to the high z-component spin polarization Current

Key Features:

· High quality magnetic domain imaging
· Multiple stimulation/Multifunction testing platform
· Higher stability, simpler operation

System (Basic)

· Low temperature module
· Integrated laser excitation
· In plane arbitrary angle vector electromagne

System upgrade (premium)

· Vector imaging
· Low temperature + vacuum + intracavitary electrical probe

Recommended Operation Condition


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