Electric transport expansion box

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Electric transport expansion box

Product: Electric transport expansion box


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In electrical transport measurement, it is common to have multiple connections to a single device to probe various properties. Signals from different channels are typically transferred by a single wire bundle and subsequently separated. Separating the electrical signals is vital since crosstalk between channels could corrupt and reduce the fidelity of the measurement. TTT-EE BOX series junction box has been specifically designed to provide fast and reliable parallel connections to separate up to 15 electrical signals from the measurement device. Depending on the interface requirement, we provide two types of junction boxes (EE BOX-2B/ EE BOX-3B) with the same performance. The only difference is that type 2B uses one LEMO 2B 16-pin signal input port, suitable for TuoTuo Technology Magneto-optical Kerr system and spectral photocurrent system. Type 3B uses one LEMO 3B 14-pin signal input port, suitable for PPMS system.

TTT-EE BOX can accept and separate signals up to 15 channels and are connected through the 16-pin or 14-pin electric transmission line. Each connector can be independently switched on or off to minimize crosstalk between channels. The user simply just needs to connect the 14/16 pin input signal and corresponding output connectors to separate and measure the signals. In addition, the expansion box is grounded to
prevent static electricity, thus protecting the sample.

The compact size of the extension box is equipped with LEMO 2B 16 Pin and LEMO 3B 14 Pin extension cords (customizable cord length) compatible with a variety of test systems and environments to meet the diverse needs of the user.

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>>Application scenarios

The extension box is suitable for the following (but not limited to) scenarios:
· Photocurrent spectroscopy/ fluorescence system
· Magneto-optical Kerr system
· PPMS system
· Other scenarios requiring detection of electrical signals

>>Junction box side panel input (signal input and power supply)


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